Document models design
The modeling documentary aims to:
  • analysis of documentary or data requirements;
  • design of formal models (DTD, Schemas) and related documentation.
Often correlated with the functional requirements analysis, the modeling phase can identify problems and to formalize the requirements in terms of document models, bringing together different project/business actors.

Intervening during prospective phases, during fonctional requirements analysis or during the project, Bruno Chatel contact performs consulting and conducts studies on various topics around the structured documentation:
  • Technology watch
  • Requirements analysis and functional specifications
  • Expert assistance
  • Standards use
  • Search technical solution and software
  • Technical Assistance
  • Technological expertise
  • Audit
  • Technological mediation
  • Search of skills and service providers

Expert assistance
Speaking ahead of planned or ongoing project, Bruno Chatel contact brings expertise in both functional and technical assistance.

Bruno Chatel contact conducts studies:
  • research and development,
  • Technology watch,
  • feasibility,
  • analysis of solutions, bechmarks,
  • technical solutions design,
  • standards analysis

Contact : phone : (+33) 6 76 28 08 69