Bruno Chatel
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Consultant, Expert
in Structured Documentation

Professional experience

       Since November 1997                                                                        Free lancing Engineer

    ATA 2300 implementation, expertise (Airbus Helicopters )
- Detailled analysis of business requirements, guidance rules for ATA 2300 (FLM, MMEL)
- Development and presentation of change request to ATA FOIG
- Representant for AH to ATA FOIG, follow-up of all standardization works, development of proposals, ATA FOML XML Schemas updates and developments.

    Flight Ops data production system study (Embraer )
- Data model study for AOM, AFM, QRH, SOPM, DDPM, MMEL
- Conversion to ATA 2300 feasibility study, Gap analysis

    XML Schemas, training (OCDE )
- Training session: XML Schema, technical and best practices

    ATA e-business/S1000D Forum 2014 (ATA e-Business forum )
- Speaker: "ATA Spec 2300, implementation perspectives. Who, why, what, how... When?" (Slideshare here)

    ADAM Viewer (Airbus Helicopters )
- Business requirements analysis

    Flight Ops data production system study (Embraer )
- Data model Study

    ADAM : Air crew publications : consulting, expert assistance (Eurocopter )
- Expert support for the Business Requirements Dossier
- Analysis/Assesment of adequation of standards with business requirements (s1000d, ATA 2300, Airbus Flight Ops data model, EC internal data model)

    Flight Operations: consulting, support and training (Infotrust Group )
- Expert support, consulting on Flight Ops data management (data formats, models)
- Workshop, training (concepts, functional features...)
- Functional requirements analysis (businesss requirements, expert assistance on Flight Ops data management)

    ATA e-business Forum 2012 (ATA e-Business forum )
- Speaker: "Enhanced flight operations data exchange using ATA Spec 2300" (Slideshare here)

    ATA e-business Steering Group (ATA e-Business program )
- Member of the ATA e-business Steering Group (ESG)

    EDORA : Management of Flight Operations documentation production (ATR )
- Expert assistance on functionnal analysis
                           - Business requirements dossier
                           - Documentary analysis of Flight Operations manuals (FCOM, QRH, AFM, MMEL, WBM)
                           - XML Schemas design (with compatibility to ATA Spec 2300 FOML Schemas)
                           - Expert assistance on documentation re-structuration

    "ATA FOML compatibility" : Study (Airbus )
- Analysis of adequation of Airbus Ops Data models with ATA FOIG proposals
                           - Change requirements identification
- Detailled analysis (Mechanical System Descriptions) and change modifications proposal to the ATA FOIG group
- Detailled analysis (Software System Descriptions, MetaData), XML Schema design
- Detailled analysis (Applicability, Revision marking), analysis of S1000D convergence, requirements, concepts and proposed models
- Detailled analysis (Dispatchibility, MMEL, CDL), and propositions to ATA FOIG/MMELPT. XML Schema design.
- Detailled analysis (FCOM procedures - normal, supplementary, checklist, task sharing, abnormal and emergency), and propositions to ATA FOIG.
- Detailled analysis (Data modules management, Publication module, Metadata), and propositions to ATA FOIG.
- Detailled analysis (Limitations, Performances, Approval and Substantiation data, AFM/"Flight Manual", QRH/"Quick Reference Handbook"), and propositions to ATA FOIG.
- Consolidation of XML Schemas (functional requirements, technical improvements) [2013.1]
- Detailled analysis of CCOM and WBM (functional requirements and schema changes), and propositions to ATA FOIG.
                           - Specification of conversion rules from Airbus FO Exchange to ATA FOML
                           - Member of the ATA e-Business program. Active participant of the Flight Operations Interest Group (FOIG) and MMEL XML Project Team (MMELPT).
- Responsible of the XML Schemas developments (ATA FOML) and Collaboration in ATA specification 2300 writing [2009.1, 2010.1, 2011.1, 2011.2, 2013.1]

    Study of the documentary production and publishing chain (Editions Francis Lefebvre )
- Expert assistance on functionnal analysis
                           - Expert assistance on technical architecture
                           - Assistance on bussiness requirements analysis
                           - Expert assistance on documentary models design (XML Schemas)
                           - Assistance for the RFI and RFP

    "XSLT2 and XQuery Best Practices" : Training (OECD )
- XSLT2 : key points, best practices (code quality, methodology), concrete case exercices
                           - XQuery : language presentation, practice, best practice, concrete case exercices

     "TableOutputGenerator V3" : Design and development of a publication chain of statistics tables (PubStat) (OECD/OCDE )
                           - Automatic publication chain of statistic tables driven by parameters (PDF, FrameMaker, EXCEL, XHTML)
                           - Technical Architecture and technical specifications
                           - Management of the development team
                           - Developments (.NET/C#, XSLT2)
                           - Support

     "Incremental Data Delivery for A350/ASD S1000D" : Study (Airbus  SEVD, Data Definition & Research )
- Production and delivery retained approach : detailled bussiness requirements definition (from authoring to customers integration)
                           - Analysis  of process impacts and evolutions
                           -  ASD S1000D required changes analysis

      Document models for Treaties (Council of Europe)
- Documentary analysis of treaties
                           - Models design (XML Schemas) and documentation (SchemaDoc)

   "Madere" : Evolutions/Training (Air France, Euroscript Systems)
- Study of Boeing FTID 2.0 specification
- Analysis of documentary models (FCOM, QRH, DDG/MEL)
                           - Analysis of adequation with Air France Madere models
                           - Design of possible approaches to manage and publish B777 operational documentation
                           - XML Schemas evolutions (inline effectivity, index, ....)
                           - Training session on documentary models (Air France Madere XML Schemas)

     "Media" :  Flight Operations documentation production and publication system  (Brit Air)
                           -   Business owner assistance (project assistance, retro-conversion, documentation found evolutions, ...).
                           -   Functional specifications reading and assistance to validation
                           -   XML Schema evolutions
                          -   Competence improvements for redactors.
                           -   Training : XML and related technologies.

     "Dali" :  Audit of design and developments (Airbus  TechData)
                           -  Analysis of the maintenance documentation production system (Java, XML)
                           -  Short and long terms recommandations .
                           -  Recovery actions : incorporation control
                           -  Complete analysis of a new version of the project .
                           -  Performance benchmark : static and dynamic analysis .

      "eRules" : evolutions of dynaprism (Bureau Veritas WD/DEV)
                            -   eXist 1.1 integration
                            -   CDROM starter development
                            -   Miscellaneous evolutions (including performance improvements)
                            -   eRules web site :

     "Statistics tables publication" PubStat: Analysis and developments (OCDE , Tirème)
                           - Technical analysis of existing developments (XSLT2)
                           - Development of  a transformation for multilingual statistics tables publication (XSLT2)
                           - Design of a "Best Practices" guide
                           - Design and development of a Excel/XHtml formatter for publication tables

    "Incremental Data Delivery" : Study (Airbus  SDND, Data Definition & Research )
- Study of possible approaches :  requirements definitions, process scenarios, data model requirements, technical considerations
                           - Maintenance (AMM, TSM, IPC, WM)  and repair documentation
                           - Analyse of Airbus TechPub software (Adoc familly, Airnav)
                           - Analysis of ATA/ASD 1000D convergence opportonities
                           - Analyse of associated impacts on existing processes and systems.
                           - Conceptual approaches specification

      "A380 Ops Data" :  Quality data audit (Airbus OCSD)
                            -   Analysis of Airbus A380 produced documentation (FCOM, MMEL, CCOM, AFM, WBM, FCTM)

  "Dialogys 3000" :  from PDF to XML conversion of Repair manuals ( Renault, AIS - Diadeis)
                           - Development of a spatial identification of graphic objets (columns, tables, graphics..) from a XML dump of PDF (Java, XML)
                           - Development of a structuration process of text from XML dump of PDF using graphic objetcs (Java, XML) .

       "Madere" :  Flight Operations documentation management  (Air France, Eurodoc Systems)
                           -  Assistance for operational documentation management
                           -  Airbus A380 ops documentation management assistance, Airbus models for flight operations (FCOM, MMEL, AFM/CDL, ...) expert assistance.
"Manex" models design (XML Schemas)

     Expert assistance on a FrameMaker puslishing tool  (Cap gemini)
                           -  Expert consultant for an automatic composition tools using FrameMaker and FDK.

     "Media" :  Flight Operations documentation production and publication system  (Brit Air)
                           -   Business owner assistance (invitation to tender, selection of candidates, provider nomination, budget and requirements adequacy).
                          -   Specifications and requirements redaction assistance.
                           -  "Manex" management   system : Airline flight operation manual, including descriptions, limitations, performance,
                               procedures (normal, check lists, abnormal and emergency, supplementary, operational), MEL (go-nogo, reset guide, distpatch),
                                CDL, Revision Notes...

                           -   Document models design : "Manex" maual analysis and models design (XML Schemas and related documentation,
                                ATA FOIG draft models compliant), modular documentation design

                           -   Expert assistance for functional analysis (editorial process, publication and consultation processes).
-   Training : Structured documentation concepts and XML introduction..

       European Social Chater, Conclusions documents production and publications   (Council of Europe , Directorate General of Human Rights)
                          -   Study of conclusions documents process, functionnal analysis
                          -   Business requirements analysis and technical recomandations
Document analysis and models design (XML Schemas and documentation)
                    -  FrameMaker publishing environment design
                          -   Training : XML concepts, Structured FrameMaker introduction
                           -   Prototype development of a web-based XML authoring environment (Xopus, XSLT).

       "Aircraft configuration lifecycle and IPC : Actual/Allowable Configuration management" :  Study  (Airbus  SDNS)
                          -   Study of SGML structure of Illustrated Part Catalog and  related process
                          -  Study of  solutions to manage Aircraft  configuration life cycle
                          -  Service design for aircraft configuration tools

       "Manex ParperLess" :  Study of sytem functionnalities and technical solutions  (Brit Air)
                           -   Assistance in project scope definition (operational aircraft documentation management)
                            -   Study of required functionnalities for documentation management (from production to  on board electronic consultation)
                            -   Study of existing tools

       "A380 Ops Data" :  Exchange transformation from v3 to v4 (Airbus OILD)
                            -   Analysis and development of a transformation application for Operational documentation of Airbus A380
                            -   Exchange data Set controls and transformations (including XML transformations) from V3 models compliant   to V4 models 
                            -   Batch transformation tool (Java, DOM, XSLT)

       "New Browser" : Documentary server and fulltext search engine development (Bureau Veritas WD/DEV)
                            -   Documentary server integration and configuration based on Jetty, eXist and Cocoon
                            -   Development of a fulltext search engine based on XQuery and eXist extensions
                            -   Query analyser (based on antlr) and specific XQuery extensions functions developments

         "A380 OPS Data" : technical audit (Airbus OILD)
                            -   Audit of the XML transformation developments
                            -   Study of the technical architecture of the Data Assembly process.

         "A380 OPS Data" : document models design (Airbus OIMS)
                            -   Operational documentation analysis (XML, fragmented, ATA standards compliant)
                            -   FCOM (Flight Crew Operating Manual) and FCTM (Flight Crew Training Manual) : descriptions, limitations, performances,
                                procedures (normal, abnormal, emergency), fcbul/oeb

                            -   MMEL (Master Minimum Equipment List) : descriptions, dispatch conditions, operational procedures
                            -   CCOM (Cabin Crew Operating Manual) : descriptions, procedures (normal, abnormal, emergency), system fault management, ccb
                            -   QRH (Quick Reference Handbook)
                            -   AFM (Flight Manual) : descriptions, limitations, performances, procedures. Approuvment management.
                            -   WBM (Weight and Balance Manual) : descriptions.
                            -   FWOIS data base exchange (Ecam alarms) : procedures.
                            -   Documentary Units organisation (semantical categorization, sequential order for publication), revision management,
                                effectivity management, liminary informations.

                            -   Documentary analysis, Users requirements analysis, Electronic Publishing orientation, Models design (XML Schema, SchemaDoc).
                            -   Exchange documentation models design (XML Schema and DTD)
                            -   Authoring documentation models design (XML Schema and DTD)

         "Dali : AMM A380" : Technical Assistance (Airbus OIAC)
                            -   Assistance for the choice of the development provider company
                            -   Technical assistance for A380 AMM (Aircraft Maintenance Manual) production system (XML and Java)
                            -   SAX and DOM technical architecture for the XML transformation process

          XML Editorial system : "Atelier éditorial guide thérapeutique" (Editions Masson)
                            -   Development of the editorial system based on eXist XML Native Database, Cocoon and Epic integration
                            -   Import and Export modules (main corpus documents and external bases).
                            -   Navigation and search functions in document repository (Cocoon XSP, Java, eXist, XQuery/Xpath, XSLT)
                            -   Redactional environement (web based interface for structural organisation, content editorial environment based on Arbortext Epic editor)
                            -   Quality control tools (data consistency controls)

         "New Browser" : design of an electronic publishing application (Bureau Veritas WD/DEV)
                            -   Technical assistance for architecture of an electronic publishing application
                            -   Technical architecture of the "documentary server" module (eXist, Cocoon, Xpath/Xquery, Xslt)
                            -   Specifications of the "documentary server" module

         Structured documentation training (Airbus OIAC)
                            -   Introduction and concepts : SGML/XML
                            -  XML transformation technologies

         A_Web : a CMS software (Alris Interactive)
                            -   XML introduction and concepts training, SAX/DOM/XSLT training
                            -   Technical architecture for XML data models design, technical assistance on software design

         Electronic publishing Framework (Onisep/Tirème)
                            -   Cocoon : consulting and training

          XML Editorial system : "guide thérapeutique" (Editions Masson)
                            -   Technical assistance on functional specifications (Tirème)
                            -   System architecture design (Repository, Document server, User environment for naviagtion and edition)
                            -   Software architecture design (XML Native Database with XMLDB:API acces -eXist-, Xerces, Xalan, Cocoon, Servlet Engine, Epic Editor)
                            -   Technical specifications
                            -   System development
                            -   Document models maintenance (XML Schema, DTD), applicative models design (authoring, exchange, publishing).

          Aircraft documentation and modularization ( AeroMatra, Airbus France SDN7).
                            -   Study and analysis of documentation modularization
                            -   Analysis of XML technologies for "data module" oriented documentation (XML Schemas, Namespace, XLink, XInclude, ...)
                            -   Study of XML models rules for aircraft digital data and documentation.

          Edf - OAR "Outil d'analyse rapide" (EDF D&R/Tirème)
                            -   Data modeling (XML Schemas)
                            -   Technical assistance on specifications of a note generation module (architecture, data model, tools)
                            -   Development of an automatatic generation note engine (DOM,XSL/T, i4i Tagless Editor)

          Study of technical solutions for processing very large XML documents with XSLT ( AeroMatra, Airbus France SDN5).
                            -   Study of XPATH expressions optimisations
                            -   Benchmark of XND (Xml Native Database) systems
                            -   Study of document indexation

          SchemaDoc and Xs2Dtd (Tirème)
                            -   SchemaDoc : models design framework using XML Schemas : definition, technical assistance and development;
                            -   Xs2Dtd : W3c Xml Schema to DTD convertion engine. Design and development;  

          "Télédéclaration impôts sur le revenu 2002" (DGI /Get)
                            -   Back office engine development
                            -   Technical assistance on servlet technologies

          Technical documentation editorial system (Xerox Profesional Services)
                            -   Specifications and development of a complete manual processing system
                            -   Edition module (based on FrameMaker+Sgml, Windows)
                            -   Transformations (SAX, DOM, XSL/T)
                            -   Batch composition module (XSL/T, FrameMaker+Sgml, FDK, Solaris)
                            -   Technical analysis of the existent system
                            -  Import Modules development (SAX,DOM, Astoria, Oracle)

           XML Schemas Technical presentation
                            -  Internal training (EDF/DER )
                            -  Speaker at XML Forum 2001, Institut XML 2001, XML Forum 2000 (Technoforum )
                            -  Internal training session (AIS )
                            -  W3C XML Schemas Technical Tutorial presentation.
                            - Online publication of the tutorial slides on Mutu-Xml.

           Consulting and development on Corba architecture (Arisem)
                            -  Design of a Corba oriented software architecture

           XML Editorial System (The Court of Justice of the European Communities)
                            -  System architecture  : Oracle8i, Java, Servlet, Enterprise Java Beans, Dom, Sax,  Xsl, WP9
                            -  Software architecture (Apache, TomCat, Jonas, J2EE, Oracle 8i).
                             - Technical expertise on editorial system design
                             - Detailed specifications (document creation process, database interfaces, ...)

         Study of XML evolutions and tools (Tireme / Fing / Edf)
                             - XML standards, and related standard study
                             - Study of some XML processor (parsers) : conformity and usability
                             - "XmlMutualiste" project development cooperation
                             - Online publication

          Miscellaneous  projects around  SGML and XML ( 4dConcept,LionBridge ...)
                            - Documation 2002 : Tutorial for XML related standards (Technoforum)
                            -  XML trainer (Softeam) : XML and related standards (DTD, Sax, DOM, XPath, Xlink, XSL, Xml Schemas, ...)
                             - eContent Management project : consulting on modeling processing, XML Schemas models
                             - FOSI development and ACL design ( Adept)
                             - Consulting in software solutions
                             - SGML training
                             - Build of working environment
                             - Studies about XML solutions for documentation systems ( SAX,DOM, XSL)

           Aircraft Documentation Composition Tool ( Dasa/Airbus)
                             - Automatic composition tool with batch mode and interactive mode.
                            -  Service Buletin (SB) documentation processing

           Technical Documentation : Dynamic Online Publishing System (SPOT Projet: PSA / Cap Gemini/ AIS Services)
                             -  Mulitlingual "on the fly" SGML to DHTML system based on DualPrism.
                             - Templates design, DHTML design (IE and NS compatible).
                             - Dynamic filtering by effectivity.
                             - Dynamic translation of documents.

            SGML Editorial system ( Dictionnaire Historique de la Suisse/Historisches Lexikon der Schweiz/Dizionario Storicodella Svizzera)
                               - SGML transformations.
                               - Printing module for dictionnary articles ( Adept).
                               - DTD design.
                               - Technical architecture design.
                               - Genereric transformation module.
                               - Generic PAO composer.

            Aircraft Documentation Management programs : Starter packs
                                - ATA AMM (Aircraft Maintenance Manual) and  SB (Service Buletin) : ATAStarter Pack for FrameMaker+Sgml [ Adobe]
                                - FCOM Starter Pack for FrameMaker+Sgml [ AIRBUS]
                                - FCOM Starter Pack for RTF : Sgml to RTF conversion [ AIRBUS]
                               - AIB SB (Service Buletin)  : Sb Layout Pack , printing program (Windows, and AIX) [AIRBUS ]
                               - MMEL Starter Pack for FrameMaker+Sgml [ AIRBUS]
                               - Export module for MMEL Starter Pack : from FrameMaker+Sgml to Database module  [ AIRBUS].
                               - MMEL starter Pack for RTF : Sgml to RTF conversion [ AIRBUS]
                               - Programming services : SGML transformations, Balise integration in FrameMaker+Sgml,, FDK client API transformations  [ AIRBUS].

            SGML Editorial and Control modules ( Gordon and Breach )
                               - Analysis and control modules on G+B SGML documents
                               - SGML transformations for a new DTD release.
                               - Integration of a mathematical equation check module (TeXCheck)
                               - Development of programs for upgrading all SGML repository.
                               - Quality control process development.
                               - Studies of needed tools for editorial system.
                               - Misc utilities programs development.
            SGML Preparation module (Airbus AIS Services)
                                - SGML transformation tool design and development.
                                 - Access Creation Module  in  ADIC  project [ADOC Electronic Publisher, AirNav] 
                                - development of the transformation engine ( AeroMatra, Aerospatiale).

            Software development ( AIS Sofware/Inso )
                               - development of the  DualPrism communication server(C++, Windows/Solaris)

       1994–1997 - BergerLevrault / AIS - Paris                                         Software Engineer

        Services(Ais Services)

        Software development (AIS Sofware/Inso )
  • Balise plugins developments (Database Interface, Sybase Plugin, BaliseIngres, Persistent Objects, URL Extension, Balise Server).
  • Embeded Balise developments (Embeded Balise in Netscape, Embeded Balise in FrameMaker+Sgml,DynaText Balise Toolkit).
  • DynaPage specification and development (composition tool for SGML documents).
  • UNIX system administration (SunOs, Solaris, Aix, Hp/Ux).
       1993 - ERLI- Charenton                                                 Research thesis in natural language processing
  • Design and development of an automatic system for building knoiwledge bases from natural language corpus. Development of a semantical analyser.


1990–1993 - ENS IIE : Ecole Nationale Superieur d'Informatique pour l'Industrie et l'Entreprise    Engineer in computer sciences
  • Diploma : Engineer in computer sciences. Option : distributed systems and system integration.

  • Teaching practice : Information system analysis (la Poste), development of a benchmark results analyser (Acer-Altos).
    • Classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles (MathSup, Math Spé). IIE integration through Centrale/Supelec.

  • Structured Documentation : SGML, XML, HTML, DSSSL
  • Softwares : Balise (Balise2, Balise3, Balise4), FrameMaker+Sgml, FDK,AuthorEditor, DynaText, SIT, DynaWeb, DynaTag, Panorama, BaliseHtml Package, DualPrism,ADEPT /EPIC/Arbortext Editor,  WordPerfect+XML, S4/Text, XMLSpy, Oxygen XML, Xmetal...
  • XML : SAX,DOM, XSL, XSLT/XSLT2.0, XML Schemas, DTD, XPath, XLink, XPointer, XMLQuery,...
  • Langages : C, C++, Java., Perl, .NET/C#
  • Operating systems : Windows (3.1, 95, 98, NT, XP), Unix (SunOs,Solaris, HPUX, AIX, ULTRIX), Linux
  • Database systems : Ingres, Sybase, SqlServer, Acces, ODBC, eXist
  • Web technologies :TCP/IP,  Liveconnect,ActiveX,CGI, ISAPI, NSAPI,  HTML, DHTML, XHTML, Servlet, JSP, Cocoon, JavaScript,/ECMAScript, Ajax ...
  • Componant based technologies and distributed architecture : EJB, MS/COM, Corba (OmniOrb, Orbacus)
  • Others : XWindows/Motif, Tcl/Tk, Lex, Yack, Sed, Awk.