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CHAtel DOCumentation System
Independent company, one-person private limited-liability company
Freelance and independant since 1997 november , Bruno Chatel contact is specialized in the document management domain, especially in the management of structured documentation around the XML standard.

After studying computer engineering (ENSIIE, 1993) concluded with a research paper in the field of natural language processing (conducted within the GSI-ERLI as part of a European research project), Bruno Chatel contact has worked for four years at Berger Levrault / AIS (Advanced Information Systems).
Precursor in structured documentation in France, AIS was specialized on implementation of technical solutions around the standard SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language, ISO 8879), and the early works (John Bosak 1996) around (XML eXtensible Markup Language, W3C Recommendation in 1998). Ais Software, a subsidiary of AIS, has also developed and released a software processing SGML and XML, called Balise, offering different approaches to handling structured documents ( event-based approach type, tree oriented approach). Based on technology Balise, AIS developed a tool for publishing static documents SGML / XML to HTML (Html ​​Package) and a framework of electronic publishing driven by dynamic templates (DualPrism).
As a software engineer within Ais Software, Bruno Chatel helped develop the Balise software (an automatic composition tools called DynaPage , integration of Balise with Netscape-FrameMaker, Balise-DynaText integration, databases interfaces [Ingres, Sybase, ODBC], persistent objects, http communications plugin ) as well as involved in the customer support.
Working in the service department of AIS, Bruno Chatel contact worked as a development engineer and design engineer on projects covering all the document management issues: editorial system (Bull, Historical Dictionary of Switzerland, Editions Electra), Production and Electronic/Paper Publishing Systems (PSA, EDF, Bull, Electra , Editions Legislatives , Adobe, Caisse de Depots et Consignations), Consulting & Software Integration (DynaText SoftQuad, FrameMaker, Balise).

Bruno Chatel contact works in consulting, training, modeling, development on document management issues and related XML technologies, as a sub-contractor with IT consultancies, as well directly with end-user firms.
Bruno Chatel contact's field of competence enables him to intervene on large scale development projects that cover various documentary issues, but also on smaller consulting or development projects.

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